Anna's Thoughts on Artistic Inspiration

Friends sometimes ask me where I get my ideas for Animo from. 
I love animals of course, but weirdly I don’t pay that much attention to them in my work. I do try to get them as realistic as possible, but the most fascinating part of the work is in the emotions.
I don’t like to make fun of the characters, ever, and I try to stay clear of a cartoony or sentimental feel. My focus is to try to paint them as well as possible. 
To get the feeling right it is all about people! I watch people whenever I can, on the bus, in the cafe and of course my own grandchildren. Gestures, glances and human interaction is what fascinates me.
Transposed to animals they aim to become sweet and funny, hopefully they are also moving and compassionate. I would like people to say "I know someone like that" or "I know that feeling"!
I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!
Anna Gisle

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